Us soybean prices are up

Us soybean prices are up

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – US soybean spot market prices rose on Thursday, mainly due to the US Department of Agriculture’s Thursday supply and demand report released.

US Department of Agriculture report shows that 2017/18 US soybean yields down to 49.5 po / acre, lower than the September forecast of 49.9 po / acre. In contrast, analysts reported on the Wall Street Journal survey averaged 49.1 poins / acre of US soybean yields in 2017/18.

In the United States Bay, the United States on the 1st yellow soybean spot price of $ 10.19 per bus, about 374.4 US dollars per ton, up 23.25 cents over the previous day. Louisiana Bay’s base offer is 18 to 36 cents higher than the CBOT November soybeans price.

In the central region of Illinois, the average price of soybeans for soybean processing plants was $ 9.67 per pound, up 26.75 cents from the previous session. The base offer is 30 to 20 cents lower than the CBOT 11 soybean price per pound and is unchanged from the previous day.

Thursday, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) soybean futures rose. November delivery of soybeans about 26.75 cents higher, to close at 992 cents / pound; January soybean futures closed up about 26.5 cents to close at 1002.5 cents / Po.


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