Tyre coupling characteristics

The characteristics of the new features tyre coupling with has the following three aspects:
A, tyre product has buffer shock absorption performance is very superior, the axial and radial, angular displacement has excellent compensating performance, can effectively reduce the equipment in the process of running current peak, and a drop of 50% compared with a other coupling.Greatly reduces the installation requirements.

Second, through the special rubber process design, except without lubrication and maintenance free, and especially suitable for wet dust work environment.Products in the operation of the low noise, long life, easy tear open outfit, fundamentally solves the other coupling in harsh environments using the easy damage, short service life.Product fills a gap on the coupling product in our country.

Three, is the large speed regulating motor frequency conversion motor used in the production process, by installing tyre coupling, can eliminate the additional load between motor automatic control process, improve the flexibility, this is unmatched by other tyre coupling.


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