The Ashtop Coatings introduces the first shatterproof glass coating

The Ashtop Coatings introduces the first shatterproof glass coating
Axalta has introduced the first transparent water-based coating that provides a transparent coating to the glass surface, and if glass is broken, it is possible to keep the potentially dangerous glass chips in place. The technology was developed by the Spitzer Paint Group’s Glass Coatings Division, which was acquired by Axalta in June of this year.

This shatterproof coating has been completed in the world’s largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass bottles and the largest cosmetic packaging manufacturer’s successful test will be used to protect high-risk chemicals, plasma and other liquid glass containers, in addition to In the protection of expensive liquid spices, perfumes and beverages and other products.

“We are innovating with real vision and goals, both for the benefit of our customers’ business and for the world around us. This is a groundbreaking technology that will improve the quality of everyday necessities,” said Michael Cash, President of Industrial Coatings Said, “We look forward to bringing this versatile product to market, with paint products to further improve people’s lives.”


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