Inorganic non-metallic materials
Divided into two categories, traditional materials and new materials.The former is mainly silicate materials;The latter of diversity, developing very quickly.
The silicate materials Refers to the glass, ceramic, enamel and cement.They are containing silicate ore as raw material for production, is widely used as building materials, can also be used as a commodity and arts and crafts products.Glass and ceramics crisp fragile although sex is its main shortcoming;But because of reactants, simple production process, the product has good chemical stability, and has the advantages of high hardness, heat resistant and corrosion resistant, application is very extensive, production is very big, and is still in development.
New type of inorganic non-metallic materials.
Mainly special ceramics.As agriculture and industry, military industry and the development of science and technology, the new type of structural ceramics has come out.They are from different oxide, silicide, nitride, carbide and fluoride, boride, etc.Mainly includes the high temperature resistant materials, electrical insulating materials, ferroelectric materials, piezoelectric materials, semiconductor ceramic materials, special purpose, the production is not big, but the value is very high.In the 21st century has developed a ceramic used in automobile engine, can make the gas temperature to 1400 ℃ above, to improve efficiency and save energy is of great significance.These materials manufacturing process is characterized by: high purity requirements for raw material, composition, microstructure and product surface and interface must be strictly controlled, shape also detailed and complex, precision machining.This kind of new material is in high level based on the success of science and technology.


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