Coupling special work and elastomer:

Coupling special work and elastomer:
1, can choose G1TS corrosion environment, T2TS, G2CS, G3TS, G3CS, G5CS, such as stainless steel coupling, high temperatures may choose to use high temperature resistant material made of coupling G4T, G4C.

2, please pay attention to when choosing coupling information rated torque must be greater than the system on the load torque, torque rating has considered varying load factors during operation, when coupling selected so don’t need to adjust the rated torque value.When selecting the size of the coupling, please pay attention to the continuous operation of the load torque is lower than the rated torque.

3, confirm the aperture coupling design, back to speed conditions cannot be more than data maximum aperture, back to the highest speed.Maximum aperture or any failing to meet the design conditions, back to the highest speed change size, please.

4, the size of the final confirmation coupling numerical also comply with the design, specification and other relevant conditions.


Coupling elastomers are generally of engineering plastic or rubber.The life of the coupling is the life of the elastic.Obvious tension due to the coupling is elastic compression.General elastomer life of 10 years. Due to the elastic buffer, damping effect, so use in strong vibration of the situation.Coupling properties of elastomer limit temperature, determines the use of the coupling temperature, generally for 35 to + 80 degrees.

1, should first check before installing coupling prime mover and work machine is concentric two axis, two shaft surface have wrapping paper and bruised, plum coupling two and a half coupling inner hole whether there is sundry, inner hole edge to see if there is damaged, if there is any axis, half coupling should be clean, with a fine file handle bruised.Then check that the two and a half coupling with whether the inner hole diameter and length of prime mover, job machine diameter and shaft extension length size.General selection, let the prime mover and work machine end half coupling length is less than its axial elongation 10-30 mm as well.

2, to facilitate the installation of coupling, it is best to put two and a half coupling in 120-150 of incubator or preheated in the tank, to make the inner hole size up is easy to install.After installation to ensure not bulge half coupling end face of spindle nose, flush as well.Detection of coupling the distance between the two half couplings: along the half coupling flange two the readings of the medial measure 3 — 4 average, and lengthened segment and the sum of two group of the measured size of diaphragm, the error control in the range of 0-0.4 mm.

3, coupling alignment: use a dial indicator to detect half coupling flange end face and cylindrical beating, beating when external circular flange plate is less than 250 mm value should be no greater than 0.05 mm;When external circular flange plate is greater than 250 mm, beating value should be no greater than 0.08.

4, install the coupling bolts: the bolt from the outer flange holes through, from another large orifice flange plate lateral wear a set of cushion cover, elastic washer, twisting on the nut, the nut with the wrench tight.Such as installing a discomfort or dismantled replacement, and does not damage the shaft and half a league, once installed, rotate freely without don’t strength as well.

5, coupling operator instructions: plum coupling in front of the boot device should check whether the plum coupling nut loose or fall off, if you have to in a timely manner to put tight nut with a wrench.


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