Coupling characteristics

1. The elastic coupling characteristics
(1) a integrated metal elastomer
(2) zero rotation clearance and synchronous operation
(3) the elastic compensation radial, angular and axial deviation
(4) high torque and excellent rigidity sensitivity
(5) is exactly the same clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics
(6) is a maintenance free, oil resistance and corrosion resistance
(7) of aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials to choose from
(8) fixed way mainly covered yarn and clamping two kinds.

2. The diaphragm coupling characteristics
(1) high rigidity, high torque and low inertia
(2) adopting the circular or square stainless just slice deformation
(3) carrying large torque, high torque and excellent rigidity sensitivity
(4) zero rotation clearance, clockwise and anticlockwise rotation characteristics are the same
(5) is a maintenance free, strong resistance to oil and corrosion resistance
(6) double stainless steel diaphragm can compensate radial, angular and axial deviation, single diaphragm cannot compensate radial deviation.

3. The bellows coupling characteristics
(1) no backlash, twist to the rigid, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant
(2) free maintenance, strong resistance to oil, corrugated tube structure compensation Angle to the radial, and axial deviation, deviation of the presence of also can keep the constant actuation
(3) clockwise and reverse the needle turning feature exactly the same
(4) the material is phosphor bronze and stainless steel bellows to choose from
(5) can be suitable for used in the system of high accuracy and stability requirements.


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