Coupling Assembly

Jaw coupling assembly method are: temperature difference assembly method, the static pressure method, the dynamic pressure into the method and hydraulic assembly method, etc.
Dynamic pressure into the method: this method refers to the use of impact tools or machinery to complete the assembly process, commonly used in coupling between the shaft and is transition fit or little interference.Assembly site usually use the method of hammer knock, the method is in the wheel hub on the end face of cushion block or other soft materials as buffer components, depending on the impact of the hammer, the diaphragm coupling type.This method of cast iron, hardened steel, casting alloy made in brittle materials such as coupling is in danger of local damage, unfavorable use.This method will also cooperate surface damage, reason often used in low speed and small coupling assembly.
Into the static pressure method: this method is different according to the size of the assembly when the required pressure into the power, USES the clamp, jacks, manual or motorized oil press, the static pressure method is generally used in conical axle hole.As a result of the limitation of the static pressure into the method of stress, the mechanical, when interference is larger, the force exerted a lot more difficult.At the same time, will be cut off in the process of pressure into the coupling between the shaft and cooperate with the uneven surface of tiny convex peak, the matching surface damage.Therefore, this method generally used much.
Temperature difference assembly method: use the method of heating the plum coupling heat expansion or use the method of cooling the shaft end due to shrinkage, which can easily put the tyre coupling to the shaft.This method than the static pressure method, the dynamic pressure into the method has many advantages, for wheel made of brittle material, using the temperature difference assembly method is very suitable.Temperature difference assembly method mostly adopt the method of heating, cooling method with less.There are multiple ways of heating, some put wheels in high flash point of the oil in the oil bath heating or welding torch baking, also some use oven to heat, assembly on site using oil bath heating and welding torch baking.Oil bath heating can reach the highest temperature depends on the nature of the oil, typically below 200 ℃.Using other methods heating wheel, can make the coupling temperature higher than 200 ℃, but from the view point of metallurgical and heat treatment, heating temperature of the plum blossom coupling can’t improve any, steel recrystallization temperature of 430 ℃.If the heating temperature over 430 ℃, can cause the steel internal organizational changes, so the heating temperature limit must be less than 430 ℃.In order to insurance, set by the heating temperature limit should be as below 400 ℃.As for the plum coupling actual required heating temperature, according to the interference of the plum blossom with shaft coupling value and plum coupling by heating it to suit the demand on the shaft.
Inspection after assembly: gear coupling after the assembly, the shaft should be carefully check type coupling with axis perpendicularity and alignment.General is in the coupling of end face and set up two pieces of dial indicator, the cylindrical turning the shaft turns, observe the coupling all beats (including face runout and radial runout) value, determine vertical and alignment of the coupling and the shaft.Different speed, different types of coupling value is different to the requirement of the beating, coupling after the assembly, the shaft must make coupling beat all deviation value in the design requirements of tolerance range, it is one of main type coupling assembly quality requirements.Caused by coupling the beating value does not conform to the requirements for many reasons, first of all, may be caused by machining error.For field assembly, due to improper assembly of key coupling and shaft misalignment.Key of the correct installation should make the two sides of the key and keyway wall closely joint, generally in the assembly in the coating inspection, bad cooperation can use the file or the shovel to repair to the requirements.Button at the top of the generally have clearance, about at about 0.1 to 0.2 mm.High-speed rotating machinery for coupling and shaft alignment demand is high, can’t get high alignment, with a single bond connection with double bond connection or splined coupling can make both coaxial degree of improvement.



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