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Chemical industry (chemical industry), chemical engineering, chemical engineering, chemical technology, chemical technology) for the chemical for short.Chemical industry including petrochemical industry, petrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, agrochemicals, chemical medicine (pharmaceuticals), polymer (polymers), coatings, paints, oil (oleochemicals), etc.They appear in different historical periods, each have different meaning, is close, mutual penetration, continuity, and are endowed with new contents in the process of its development.The early human life more depends on the direct use of natural substances.Gradually the inherent properties of the material to meet the needs of mankind, and produced a variety of processing technology, consciously purposefully transform natural substances for the new material that has a variety of performance, and gradually put into practice on the scale of industrial production.Broadly, all using chemical methods change the composition or structure, or synthesis of new materials, belong to chemical production technology, chemical technology, the product obtained is called chemicals or chemical products.